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Gathering of Samples and Products in IBS

Jan 16 , 2017 01:55 PM

You may think it a normal booth as the numerous in IBS.
You may pass by and have a peep for this ordinary booth, which shows the extraordinary goods.
Why not stay for a while and go for a real?
There is an area on-site called Sample Magic, in which it gathers a variety of samples from quality Chinese suppliers. Visitors can go on-site to look and take free samples.
There always exists a Searching function in SMART EXPO. Visitors can search what they want from this industry and then they will see all quality Chinese suppliers’ products that has passed the verification.

1.Waterproof material

Name: HDPE Pre-Applied Waterproofing Membrane

Buyers comment 1: I own a construction company, this material is what I really need!
Buyers comment 2: I have been looking for trusted china suppliers for years, now I have the chance to match the long-term partner!

2.Polycarbonate Sheet

Name: High Quality ISO Bayer Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet
Buyers comment 1: it has outstanding light transmission and glossiness, will not be fade with the time goes.
Buyers comment 2: The hardness of the sheet is excellent, it is 200 times harder than glass.