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Highlight II of SMART EXPO: kaleidoscope of samples and products.

Dec 30 , 2016 01:35 PM

It’s not just single kind of sample.

It’s not general searching.

SMART EXPO is a new version of exhibition, showing online and on-site together.
There is an area on-site called Sample Magic, in which it gathers a variety of samples from quality Chinese suppliers. Visitors can go on-site to look and take free samples.

There always exists a Searching function in SMART EXPO. Visitors can search what they want from this industry and then they will see all quality Chinese suppliers’ products that has passed the verification.

It's not a general way. It is a kaleidoscope.
On-site address: Ar.A231-B230, Arena Hall, World Trade CenterDubai
Online address:  http://expo.made-in-china.com/big5/suppliers