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Highlight III of SMART EXPO in BIG5: Easy Visit & Easy Go

Dec 30 , 2016 01:34 PM

Have you ever thought to visit BIG5 without any brochure

Have you ever thought to master all suppliers' information in BIG5 without any paper document

Don’t worry, SMART EXPO offers you the great convenience.

SMART EXPO is a new version of exhibition, showing online and on-site together.

Visitors can go on-line to check what happens and they can also go on-site to enjoy samples and smart equipments.

Besides, visitors can receive E-catalogs by exchanging E-business cards through IPAD-PRO on-site. It's very convenient and fast, in which you visit and leave BIG5 in the most relaxed way.

Exchange E-business card

you will instantly receive the E-catalog and you can also chat with the suppliers online.

Enjoy the easiest way to visit BIG5

On-site address: Ar.A231-B230, Arena Hall, World Trade CenterDubai

Online address: http://expo.made-in-china.com/big5/suppliers