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SMART EXPO - New Projects Launch!

Jan 16 , 2017 01:50 PM

You may know CES if you are professional in related industry.
You may attend IBS if you want to gain business in America.
But do you know that we have a SMART EXPO show online,which is matching these two shows! You don’t need to go to Las Vegas for CES, either you don’t need to head to Orlando for IBS. Both of two shows will open simultaneously in Made-in-China.com then.

There EXPO,
Here EXPO,
It’s called SMART EXPO!

SMART EXPO is a new version of exhibition, based on the on-site show while exhibiting the high-quality goods online from one specific field each issue.

All of the suppliers who take part in the SMART EXPO are accurately selected. For buyers, whether they attend the show, or at home, they are able to source qualified products in the related areas online anytime. Furthermore, SMART EXPO offers buyers the opportunity to approach suppliers online, in order to do the further trading.

Welcome to the world of SMART EXPO: