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SMART EXPO shows in The BIG5

Dec 30 , 2016 01:36 PM

You may attend The BIG5 if you want to gain business in Middle East.

But do you know that we have another BIG5 show online! It's for the same industries.

It’s called SMART EXPO

SMART EXPO is a new version of exhibition, based on the on-site show while exhibiting the high-quality goods online from one specific field each issue.

This show is The BIG5, opening from 11.18——11.30 for construction materials, stone and covering, hardware tools, environmental and water technology.

The team of Made-in-China.com is going to land at Ar.A231-B230, Arena Hall, World Trade Center, Dubai.

Welcome to visit

Visit Now: http://expo.made-in-china.com/big5/suppliers