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What are the focuses of Made-in-china.com in Industrial Automation zone

Apr 27 , 2017 10:26 AM

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Booth No.: Industrial Automation Zone — B02-1, Hall 15

Highlight 1: VR Factory Inspection

SMART EXPO offers a practical solution called Online Factory Inspection to help

check the manufactures’ factories and producing chains with 360° VR tech..

Obviously, it is an efficient solution to check the qualifications of a factory by saving

time and travel expense.

Highlight 2: E-business card for instant communications

SMART EXPO offers an easy way for international buyers to receive the detailed

E-catalogs upon exchanging cards, which brings each other a lot convenience, and

which matches the environmental needs as well.

Highlight 3: Numerous free quality samples

SMART EXPO sets an area called Sample Magic on-site to help check the products

from manufacturers. Those samples received a high recognition from international



Address of Industrial Automation:

Offline: B02-1, Hall 15 —— Industrial Automation Zone

Online:  https://expo.made-in-china.com/hannover-messe-automation/products