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12/24/48VDC Hybrid Solar Inverter with 60A Max Solar Charger Controller

12/24/48VDC Hybrid Solar Inverter with 60A Max Solar Charger Controller

≥10 Pieces
FOB Price: US $110-115/Piece
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Port: Shenzhen
Production Capacity: 10000/Month
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal
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Basic Info

  • Model NO.: SHG-2500
  • Nature of Source Flow: Passive inverter
  • Certification: CCC, RoHS, CE
  • Output Power: >1000W
  • Grid Type: off-Grid Inverter
  • Output Type: Single
  • Circuit Topologies: Push-Pull Type
  • Nature of Wave String: Sine Wave Inverter
  • Type: DC/AC Inverters
  • Power Source: Solar Power
  • AC Inptut: 140VAC~275VAC
  • Battery DC: 24VDC
  • AC Output: 230VAC
  • AC Charger: 10A Max
  • PV Input: 24-50VDC
  • PV Charger: 40A Max
  • Wave: Pure Sine Wave
  • Protections: Deep Discharge, Overcharge, Short Circuit etc
  • Application: Solar System
  • Trademark: SUNKAX or OEM
  • Transport Package: Carton Box
  • Specification: 2000W
  • Origin: China
  • HS Code: 8504403090

Product Description

Salient Features:
  1. Pure sine wave output, strong compatibility, which can be connected with refrigerators, electric fans, televisions, fluorescent lamps etc, without damage for loads.
  2. C.R.G.O Toroidal transformers technology , more reliable, Low static loss
  3. Double CPU intelligent control, high performance
  4. MPPT solar charging technology, more efficient
  5. With wide frequency range, auto-tracking for main frequency and inverter output 50/60Hz
  6. Intelligent selection between main mode and solar mode, more energy-saving
  7. Full range of automatic protections & alarm: overload, short circuit, overvoltage, under voltage, high temperature etc.
  8. Friendly display interface, clear working status
Power Capacity300W500W700W1050W1400W1800W 2100W3500W
Battery voltage12Vdc12Vdc 12Vdc 24Vdc 24Vdc 24Vdc 48Vdc48Vdc
Working modePV(Photovoltaic priority) / AC(AC priority)Optional
PVInput voltage range12Vdc-25Vdc24Vdc-50Vdc48Vdc-90Vdc
Max. charge current10A/20A/30A//40A Optional
According to print on machine
Max. Conversion efficiency98%
DisplayPanel indicator lightLED Graphic Screen LED lights
Mains status(Optional)Input voltage range140Vac~275Vac
Input Frequency range45-65 Hz(Automatically transfer to inverter power when over frequency)
Output voltage range190Vac~245Vac
Input PF.(AC/DC)98%
EfficiencyMains mode 96%
Charge current10A/15A/20A
Mains overloadwarning until decrease load
Short circuitYes
Inverter outputInverter output voltage220V±3%
Output frequency50 Hz / 60Hz ± 0.3Hz frequency adaptive
Output power factor0.8
Wave form distortionLinear load 3%
PV-AC transfer time4Ms typical value Max.6 Ms
EfficiencyInverter mode 80%
Inverter overload110%-130% shutdown at 30s,130%-150% shutdown at 3s 
Short circuit Systems automatically shut down
AlarmMains abnormal1time/1S, silence auto after 5S
Low battery1time/1S and flash battery last grid
Overload1time/ 1S and display "overload" grid
Communication interfaceRS232(Optional)
OthersOutput socketsUniversal sockets / customized
Surge protectionOptional
Ambient temperature0ºC ~40ºC
Ambient humidity10% ~90%(Non Condensed)
Noise 50dB
Remark: the solar panel power configuration is related with the inverter working mode and charging current, we suggest match the PV power according to projects needs.

ON/OFF Instructions
5.1 AC priority
       1) On: When Mains is normal, inverter will start normally into AC mode, and at the same time will charge the battery; when the Mains is abnormal or no input , press the button "ON" in 3 seconds, it will start and go into Inverter mode, when mains recover, it will automatically switch to AC mode, and charge the battery
       2)Off: Press the shut-down ("OFF") in 3 seconds, it will cut off the output, in AC mode, it will continue to charge the battery and not switch to inverter mode again.
5.2 PV Priority
          1)On: When press the start button ( "On") in 3 seconds, or inverter starts automatically when Mains recover, If battery is full enough, then it will switch to battery mode , and supply power to loads ( Mains as a stand-by)
2) Off: When inverter shut down and cut off the output, it will not switch to the inverter mode. Note: currently in inverter mode, if AC input is high voltage it need cut off the mains to shut down; When AC input voltage is low, it can switch to Mains mode after shut down and no output.
3) Switch between Mains & invert mode : in Mains, when it shut down, it can not switch to inverter mode. When system start, if Mains is abnormal or battery is charged full enough by the solar panel, it will switch to inverter mode. Under this, when battery is low voltage it can switch to mains mode automatically.
5.3 Turning on steps;
  1. Please ensure the battery connecting properly ( positive/ negative and voltage parameters consistent with the product identification), and then turn on the battery switch
  2. Please ensure the solar panel connecting properly ( positive/ negative and voltage parameters consistent with the product identification), and then turn on the solar input switch
  3. Press the button "on/off" in 3 seconds, and start the inverter
  4. Turn on the solar panel input switch , and it will charge automatically
  5. Connect the mains properly, after the inverter starts normally, and then start the mains switch
  6. After 30 seconds, inverter will output normally and connect the loading, then start the loads one by one.
5.4 Turning off steps:
  1. Turn off the loads one by one
  2. Press the shut-down ( "Off ") manually in 3 seconds, and cut the output
  3. Unplug the power cable or connector cable, cut off the Mains input ( if no need Mains charging)
  4. Turn off the switch of solar panel on the real panel ( If no need Solar panel charging )
  5. Turn off the switch of battery on the real panel ( if no need charging )  

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