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Professional Class-T Series Good Quality Power Amplifiers

Professional Class-T Series Good Quality Power Amplifiers

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Basic Info

Model NO.: T-6.2
Type: Professional Amplifier

Product Description

Several questions about the new class-T series power amplifiers

Q:What type of power amplifier of Class T?
A: It is the new generation of Digital And Analog Circuit Design power amplifier.Class-T circuit amplifier is between the traditional class-H and analog circuit with the most advanced class D digital circuit of a new generation of power amplifier technology.This technology can keep the strong and warm sound of class-H power amplifier, also use class-D digital power amplifier working principle of high efficiency, this two circuit combine, making class-T circuit into the traditional class-H circuit beautiful voice characteristics and represents the highest technical level of class-D circuit working principle of the latest advanced technology products
Power amplifier internal comparison chart

Q:What about the sound of Class-T circuit power amplifier
A: Class-H circuit and class-D circuit complement each other and produce a perfect sound.Due to Class-T circuit is combined with class-H circuit and the class-D circuit two work form, so the sound of class-T circuit series model keeps the intermediate class-H circuit and the characteristics of strong low frequency, and joined the class-D circuit quick reaction, the characteristics of high frequency clearly, so that the voice of the class-T series model fully recognized and highly sought after by the market
The frequency response curve comparison chart

Q:Class-T circuit have enough power?
A: Yes,it is full power, different from the current market some of the amplifier in order to achieve low prices to attract consumers and business purposes using purchasing power of poor quality components and virtual standard practices (such as the 400W power models labeled 500W even 600W), are the real power output class-T series models, and models of small class-T can do powerful effect is due to class-T uses the most advanced class D amplifier operating modes, making the amplifier the work efficiency of about 60% of the original class-H raised to 90% and greatly limits to reduces heat, improve the effective power, thus ensuring the full power output, this is an excellent point of class-T
Amplifier power test chart

Q: What about the stability of class-T circuit models?
A:Very stable, class-T circuit model from design to production after a year-long period of time, continuously during the test, and constantly changes, including destructive testing of more than 3,000 times, now finally fixed plate, and the unit did complete protection measures, including short-circuit protection, compression, limiter protection, overcurrent, overvoltage protection, over-temperature, DC protection, UHF, over distortion protection, and a progressive volume function, so no matter in the harsh environment the model can work easily.
Q: Class-T circuit models can only do with a transformer?
A: No,class-T can use two kinds of power transformer or switch mode power supply, transformer power supply can choose from 8Ω 2 × 200W 8Ω 2 × 1500W between different power and switch power from alternative power 8Ω 2 × 800W into 8Ω 2 between different power × 1400W
Q:Why Class-T model with low price but high cost-performance?
A: Indeed very cheap, because the class T Class H circuit while retaining the characteristics of the sound, based on using Class D digital amplifier operating mode,making the amplifier work efficiency about 60% of the original class-H raised to 90% and greatly limits to reduces heat, improve the effective power .So this model completely omitted class H models bulky cooling system, and application mode class D, with only a pair of switching transistors to work instead of the traditional class H multi-tube power amplifier, so that the manufacturing costs declined significantly, so this is really the lowest quality of a product and not from the technical progress achieved by cutting corners, that's whey the class T model circuit will be so cheap but high cost-effective. This is a subversion of the industry is about to redefine the understanding amplifier professional amplifier products. Once launched, immediate attention by the industry and market.

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