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Jiangbei District, Ningbo
Regional Profile
The Jiangbei District, located in the urban area of the Ningbo City, covers a total land area of 208 square kilometers, boasts 489,000 permanent resident population, and governs 1 town and 7 sub-districts. In 2020, a total GDP of 66.67 billion yuan and a fiscal revenue of 14.18 billion yuan were realized in the district. As an important gateway for Ningbo to connect with Shanghai and integrate into the Yangtze River Delta, Jiangbei plays an increasingly important role in Ningbo’s participation in the economic integration of the Yangtze River Delta.
Industry Profile
Jiangbei is a characteristic industrial base for advanced general equipment manufacturing under the National Torch Program. At present, five major manufacturing bases including non-ferrous metal processing, equipment manufacturing, instrumentation, and new materials have been initially formed in Jiangbei. There are already 9 listed companies in the region, and one has been listed in 2020. The total number of domestic listings ranks fourth in Ningbo.Jiangbei's modern service industry is characterized by port and shipping logistics, finance and insurance, automobile sales, and cultural creativity. The shipping industry has a capacity of 2 million tons, accounting for a quarter of Ningbo.
Electricity Economy
Focus on the development of e-commerce economic innovation industries with the industrial Internet as the core and quasi-finance, smart industries, headquarters economy, and cultural creativity as the support.Beside, focus on introducing and cultivating new industries, new formats, new technologies, new platforms and other corporate institutions, Make every effort to build a national e-commerce economic entrepreneurship and innovation highland. In 2020, six of the ten largest tens of billions of industrial clusters has been cultivated to exceed 10 billion, sales of plastics, building materials, and metals has been exceed 20 billion, sales of fresh produce has been exceed 17.7 billion, sales of fashion 12.5 has been exceed billion, and energ
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  • Ningbo Jiangbei Region Hall
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