What is Smart Expo?

Smart Expo is a virtual expo that will run alongside the world's most famous trade shows. Smart Expo will also be exhibiting at trade shows, offering face-to-face engagement, quality free samples, and more.

Smart Expo merges traditional trade shows and the internet. This O2O (Online-to-Offline) model was created for the convenience of businesses whether or not they are able to attend a show in person.

How does it work?

What benefits can I get?

Do you enjoy SMART EXPO?
Christablelle Freeman
From Australia
I visited SMART EXPO at AAPEX on-site in Las Vegas and I really enjoy the on-site part. I can meet more quality Chinese suppliers by IPAD PRO and get the E-catalog instead of the paper files. SMART EXPO offers me the great convenience.
Patric Clarke
From Ireland
I attended SMART EXPO of BIG5 and I prefer online part. I can directly view the suppliers factories and commodities at home by 360°Display. So that SMART EXPO brings me the most comfortable experience.
I’m hesitating.
Katherine Rozenblat
From United States
I’m hesitating.
I was always hesitating to embrace new things. But my sense told me that it’s a great idea to meet more quality Chinese suppliers. SMART EXPO brings me more security. So I’m thinking to try it next time.

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