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The Introduction Video of Wuyi
Facts about Wuyi
Wuyi was founded in 245 AD and with a history of more than 1770 years. Wuyi is located in the middle of Zhejiang province. As an old revolutionary base county and a region inhabited by ethnic minorities, Wuyi covers a total area of 1,577 square kilometers, presenting a geographical pattern with more mountains and fewer fields.
An Ancient City
There are many cultural heritage sites in Wuyi, with profound history and culture. It has 77 cultural preservation units. The thousand-year-old ancient temple Yanfu temple, Yuyuan Ming and Qing ancient buildings, Lü Zuqian and family tombs are national cultural preservation units. There are many ancient villages in the territory, such as Guodong, Yuyuan and Shanxiabao which are selected into the list of traditional Chinese villages. This city has 166 items of various intangible cultural heritage, and Wuyi Kunqu Opera is a folk art in Zhejiang province.
Green Island in Zhejiang
As a global green city and a national ecological civilization construction model county, Wuyi has a superior ecological environment. The county has 10 national forest parks and provincial nature reserves. The forest coverage rate is 74%, and the air quality rate is 90%. Besides, Wuyi is also the only one to be "Chinese Hot Spring City" so far. At present, 13 hot springs have been discovered, which are rich in more than 20 kinds of minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body.
Fast-growing Economy
Under the strategic guidance of the government, Wuyi's economy has entered a fast track of development. In the first half of 2020, the regional GDP reached 12.185 billion yuan and the export volume reached 10.696 billion yuan. The pace of new industrialization is accelerating. For example, the equipment manufacturing industry of Wuyi Science and Technology City is listed as one of the province's characteristic industrial clusters. Six major industries including electric tool, tourism and leisure products, office and educational supplies, door, playing cards, and export food contact containers have successfully established the national manufacturing export base.
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